CORN PETS.......therapy never felt this good!!!! -                                 therapy never felt this good!!!!
     Responsible pet owners always care for their pets.   Corn pet owners should be no exception. 
    In that vein, I decided to put a very dirty Resty, the Rhino, through the washer & dryer.  Not with my clothes, of course.  I didn't want to take that chance so I put them in with my husband's clothes.
      It worked out great for Resty but it took a long time for him to dry.  And, as luck would have it, it worked out for my husband's clothes, too, which could have presented a bigger problem than a dirty Resty.
wash the pets 005     
Resty before the washing
    Surface wash the pets with soapy water if you can.  Or give the washer and dryer a shot.  I am interested in hearing any stories you have about Corn Pet care so forward those on to me.  I do marital therapy and cannot recommend taking too many chances on throwing them in with the spouse's things.  Especially if he/she is very particular.  I just got lucky.
wash the pets 007

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Resty after the washing
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