CORN PETS.......therapy never felt this good!!!! -                                 therapy never felt this good!!!!
Take your calm along...Some recommended applications for
                  your phone and other technology....
 The best relaxation techniques begin with learning to breathe with long, slow, deep breaths at a rate of under 10 breaths per minute.  Start with Breathing Zone, available (often free) for IPhone, Ipad and other sources.  This simple
application gets you breathing to a rhythm within the therapeutic range.  Practice breathing in this range so that you can apply a slow breathing technique at times of stress.
You might enjoy following a period of slow breathing with a visual application that continues to enhance a sense of calm by generating Theta Waves in the brain.   Consider an application like Swirlicity, a download available on ITunes.  Watch the changing swirls to restful music and continue to breathe slowly.
     Want to get to sleep and wake up relaxed to your
                individually-selected calming sounds?
         If so, you will love this versatile app that lets
  you choose your own combination of sounds to get to
      sleep.  You can even choose your own alarm sounds
          and set them to fade in to wake you slowly.
                                  SLEEP MACHINE 
     Have a little interactive, calming fun with apps like Zen Garden and Pottery.  These
       let you make your own creations while listening to music or nature sounds.
             More application recommendations to come!
                            Keep an eye on this site.
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