CORN PETS.......therapy never felt this good!!!! -                                 therapy never felt this good!!!!

Allegro, The Alligator
jovial, the jack rabbit
A happy hip hop....$24

Allegro, the Alligator
A slow dancer..$30

Kiss, the Kangaroo....
Released Feb. Kismet. $28

Hypnotic, the Horse...he will trot you into slumberland. $28


Eloquence (Elle) The Ewe,  releasing in February, 2013.
 $30 plus shipping

Magic, The Meerkat

$17 plus shipping

 Enamor, The Elk
$17 plus shipping

Pia, the
Pink Poodle
Pia stands for put it aside...your worries, of course!
 $22 plus shipping

Blissful, The Black
              $22 plus shipping 


 Truthful, The Tree Frog
             Does anyone out there need my truth-telling help? Anyone? Anyone?  $15 plus calculated shipping.

Ease, The Elephant
  This oversized
 calminator has a baby, too.  But you are not expected to take on the care of her baby, too.  Unless you really want to.  Or might feel bad about leaving her baby
                                                      behind. boo hoo
$29 without Ease Jr.  $35 with the
baby plus calculated shipping.

_______________________________________Loyal, The Lion
                        Don't choose him unless
      you really like him because once you take him, you'll never get rid of him.  $23+
    calculated shipping.
             Big, Big Surprise!!!!!! Who thought a couple of
      the most beloved, RETIRED Corn Pets would sneak
             back for a little more action?  It's a first for
                                    the Corn Pets.
      Welcome these guys back into action (in limited
      It's that happy leaper, 
            Free Spirit
             The Frog!  
                $22 plus shipping
And the beloved, Resty, the Rhino!    
Thanks for coming back, guys.  We really missed you!
      Wait...we just heard from Prudence, the Pig.  Wow!
      $22 plus shipping
Prudence, The Pig
$20 plus shipping
Soulage:  french, a sense of serenity and
      Introducing Soulage products; sophisticated corn-filled pillows of different sizes and shapes, designed to relieve the key stress and pain reduction needs that most people experience. Each pillow is hand-
  made, with a washable pillow case.
            Eye pillows are approximately 9"X3 1/2".
         Freeze to reduce eye strain, swelling or head
        ache.  Perfect for reducing inflammation after
                surgery.   $10.00 ($4.50).
          Neck of the most popular
      products because, heated, they drape around
   the neck to reduce the tension commonly experienced
 under stress or when spending long periods on the computer.
        Neck rolls feel great and immediately
relax muscles in the neck and shoulders and ease the
        strain that can lead to stiffness and headache.
                     $18.00 ($6.00)
  Tummy squares...providing the same
combination of pressure & temperature
   on the abdomen that has made the
   Corn Pets so popular.  The square
    is just more of an adult version.
   Soulage Serenity Sets...beautiful, 
  matching sets that include all three
    of the items above so you can
  share them, as needed, in the family,
    use them yourself or give as gifts.
                    $34.00. ($9.00)
Shipping and handling on these items are listed in () on each.  Fabrics vary and can
   be individualized for your preference.
   For holiday purchases, order early.
Or, order online for pick-up in Tulsa at 4520
  South Harvard Ave, Suite 200A and save
           shipping costs.
To pose questions or discuss order details, go to  
    New products for the management of stress are constantly being researched, designed and added to our site.  In addition to the Corn Pets, we are now emphasizing the use of lavender-filled products, due to the growing evidence of their benefits for rest and enhancing a calm, serene feeling.  Below you will see the Lillow, an aromatic pillow insert that not only smells wonderful, but as you turn over at night, it releases it's lavender scent and provides a calm feeling to aid in returning to a peaceful, deep sleep.
Introducing Lillows for Pillows...the most calming, botanical-lavender filled pillow case insert.  Peaceful sleep was never this good!
                                                                                                  $16 plus $4 shipping
                  Lavimals are soft animals that are filled with lavender.  They are intended to be used as sleep pets but are also frequently carried around by children to give them a sensory experience that heightens a safe and secure feeling.  For this reason, the new Lavimals are being developed in various sizes to make them convenient for both bedtime and carrying along wherever you go.          
Helper, the lavender-filled Husky is so soft that he makes the perfect, peaceful pillow for your soon-to-be peaceful child.    
                     Moony Moo, the lavender pillow pet
    Moony Moo is the ultimate play and rest lavender product.  This guy has velcro so he sits up for play and can be flattened for rest.  And he smells NOTHING like a cow..he's heavenly.
$15 plus $4 shipping
    Charity, The Caterpillar..The perfect
    Corn Pet for kids who have headaches
    caused by tension.  This guy is really
    cute and goes around the neck to help
    kids learn to release tension, while using
    the Corn Pet warmth to break patterns
    of holding stress in the neck, jaw and
    shoulders.  He can also be frozen to use for
    inflammation, fever or to reduce injury

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