CORN PETS.......therapy never felt this good!!!! -                                 therapy never felt this good!!!!
        These products are filled with field corn, used for generations for relieving pain and tension.  Warm them for a few minutes in the microwave or freeze them in the freezer.  The warm pets are used on the stomach, painful areas of the body or on the neck to ease the kind of tensions that create strain and headaches.  Cold pets are used on the eyes and forehead for eye strain and headache and on other areas of the body to reduce swelling and inflammation.
          Most importantly, these guys are cute!!!   Both kids and adults find them irresistable.  In fact, most people who purchase them come back to purchase several more.  Your friends and family will steal yours if you don't watch out.  They make great gifts, especially for those people who try to steal yours!
      Check out our website to see some of the available pets and learn  more about their therapeutic use.   Read the remarks of people who have used them.  Each pet is identified with a name that reflects calming and has a tag that defines the name. 
        Corn pet animals have limited production and they retire when there is no further availability of the materials to produce them.
Corn pets are produced and prepared by professional staff.  Each pet is constructed individually.   They are very soft and very cuddly and when they are warmed, they feel almost like real pets!
         There are multiple ways to purchase Corn Pets, for the convenience of our customers.
-On-site purchase and pick-up:  Visit The Bookcenter @ Tulsa Family Development Center (4520 S. Harvard, suite 200C).You can choose your pet from our inventory and purchase at the checkout window.  You do not have to be a patient of the practice to take advantage of on-site purchasing.  While you are there, check out the therapeutic books that are recommended by our professionals.
-Website purchase:  You may order directly from this website and we can arrange shipping or pick-up for you.  We can give you a shipping quote, based upon how many and which pets you wish to order. 
-Email ordering:  If you wish to pose questions about products, especially regarding which Corn Pets might be recommended for a specific child or family member, you may contact Dr. Julie Thomas by email at  You may arrange your order at that time and determine how you wish to acquire your purchase.   There is $12 per pet shipping fee for the first item and $8 for each additional pet, per order. 
     If you wish to be notified about new therapeutic products and get updates about newly released Corn Pets, we will gladly email this information to you.  All you have to do is sign up on the contact page of this website.  Your contact information is secure and will not be shared or sold. 
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website and news about our new pets.  And keep up the snuggling!

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