CORN PETS.......therapy never felt this good!!!! -                                 therapy never felt this good!!!!
        Dr. Julie Powell Thomas originated Corn Pets, now a widely used and trademarked product.  She has also designed & produced other therapeutic materials. 
        Dr. Thomas is a licensed psychologist and founder of a multidisciplinary practice.  She trains and supervises counseling students, and provides guidance to people who are interested in finding ways to understand and support their therapy and therapeutic calming as a lifestyle effort, in addition to practicing full-time.
Dr. Julie Thomas in a world of Corn Pet fun!!
         Dr. Thomas originated the Corn Pets to provide a fun and therapeutic product to help with calming, sleep and management of pain.   Research shows that a combination of pressure (proprioception) and temperature (interoception) is beneficial for inducing a sense of calm.  In addition, the scent of the corn in the pets tends to engage the sense of smell, a powerful means of imprinting feelings, via the senses, into long-term memory. 
           The most popular way that the pets have been used is by warming them and placing them low on the stomach.  After a few minutes, the warmth and pressure tend to relax the body and aid in the type of physical and mental relaxation needed for inducing sleep.  It is beneficial to use the Corn Pets in conjunction with a therapeutic breathing regimen;  one of the most important stress-management skills that people can acquire.
         Corn Pets have now been used by thousands of people, including ballet companies, school counselors, and nursing homes and hospitals, among others.  The continued experiences that people report with their Corn Pet usage has added a number of unexpected therapeutic benefits to the Corn Pet profile. 
----People have reported that their children have managed surgeries and court appearances by taking their pets. 
---Children with significant separation anxiety have learned to sleep in their own beds. 
---Some kids have been able to manage difficult transitions between the homes of divorced parents by taking their pets back and forth.  The warming of the pets aids in a sense of comfort as children adjust to different environments. 
--- Not to mention the many stories from kids who took their Corn Pets to school for show-and-tell and were able to proudly talk about their personal reasons for needing the calming techniques that Corn Pets facilitate.  Of course, the other kids beg for one of their own and wish they had a reason that was good enough to convince a parent to buy them one!
                     From originator, Dr. Julie P. Thomas
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        When I was a little girl, I loved stuffed animals and found them very comforting.  I also collected real animals and pets, having an understanding set of parents.  I loved the real pets for their warmth and snuggling.  I loved the stuffed animals because they made me feel secure at night when I went to bed.  
         Anxiety is the most prevalent symptom that brings children and adults to treatment.  As our world goes faster and becomes more complicated, our ability to adapt and cope becomes increasingly vulnerable.  Once considered a "fringe"therapy, the use of such things as yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathing have now become central to mainstream mental health. 
        In my experience as a trainer of student therapists and as a full-time therapist myself, I have learned that engaging clients with therapeutic calming that includes materials for practice makes an enormous difference in treatment outcomes.  And, it's fun!
              Corn Pet Collaboration
      We credit the success of the Corn Pet phenomenon to the highly inventive multidisciplinary team of collaborators.  Inventing and sharing Corn Pets has been a lot of fun and hearing people's experience with them is something all of us greatly enjoy.  We would love to hear your comments on this site.  Or by email:   A friend of Corn Pets is forever a friend of ours!     Dr. Thomas & The CP Team


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